Coral Canyon

Civil Engineering, Geotechnical and Environmental, Survey and Mapping
About This Project

Rosenberg Associates has been associated with the Coral Canyon project since its inception in 1997. The project site consists of approximately 2,600 acres of rugged virgin terrain. The phased master plan provides for residential, commercial, and community development. At full buildout, improvements will occupy approximately 1,700 acres. The remaining 900 acres will remain undeveloped or will be designated as open space.

Residential development includes all types of housing, from single family custom homes to townhomes and luxury apartments. Commercial development includes retail shops, stores, services, restaurants, offices, and commercial parks. Community improvements include parks, schools, and churches. In addition to the residential, commercial, and community improvements, the project also has a championship 18-hole golf course designed by Keith Foster Architects, the designer of the No. 1 ranked golf course in Arizona.

Work began with an extensive due diligence study conducted over the course of 4 months. Site evaluation factors included density and developable area calculations, services by utilities, geologic analysis, Phase I ESA, and permitting and approval issues with the City of Hurricane, Washington City, and other local and federal government agencies. Since the intial due diligence study, Rosenberg Associates provided additional civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, environmental studies, and surveying services for the project. As a result, a wide variety of soil conditions and environmental issues have been addressed at Coral Canyon. The site has wetlands and three major washes that necessitated an Army Corp of Engineers Section 404 permit. Environmental clearances were obtained from federal agencies for endangered species.

The design process for Coral Canyon has focused on creating a community that harmonizes with the natural environment and creates a sense of belonging for its community members. To meet this challenge, extensive land planning and master planning was completed. Drainage, transportation, culinary water, irrigation water, wastewater, natural gas, power, telephone, and cable tv master plans and engineer’s estimate were created to identify and communicate the project vision and scope.