Millcreek Hazard Mitigation Grant Project

River and Floodplain Management
About This Project

The Millcreek Electric Generation Facility (MGF) is a $64 million natural gas two-turbine facility providing up to 84 MW (megawatts) of electricity for the city of St. George.  The MGF is a critical component of the City’s electric-peak energy and emergency backup resource portfolio and is also a non-coal generation facility and vital to the City’s goal of environmentally balancing its energy portfolio.  The MGF is located on a bluff above the Virgin River bank floodplain. The active river channel meandered significantly during the extreme flood event of December 20-24, 2010 resulting in severe erosion damage to the river bank adjacent to the facility. A FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant was obtained working with the City Energy Services Department and the Utah Department of Public Safety. The hazard mitigation project installed over 900 lineal feet of rock riprap and slope stabilization improvements between the Virgin River overbank areas and the threatened facilities to protect the existing slope from future erosion damage. A power substation, regional waterline, natural gas line and asphalt pedestrian trail are also located adjacent to the MGF which were protected because of this project. Rosenberg Associates provided funding assistance, design engineering and construction engineering services for the project.