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Subsurface Utility Engineering

Rosenberg Associates has expertise in subsurface utility engineering (SUE) services.  As the urbanization of our region continues to expand upward and outward the need to install new utilities in a congested environment of existing underground water, sewer, power, natural gas, and communications lines and facilities is increasingly more challenging.

Personnel at Rosenberg Associates are trained to prepare utility mapping and engineered plans following the quality levels established by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Standard Guidelines for Investigating and Documenting Existing Utilities.  These guidelines establish four levels of SUE investigation:

Level D provides a general overview of the existing utilities derived from existing mapping records and verbal knowledge. 

Level C adds an above-ground field survey to supplement the existing mapping. 

Level B incorporates geophysical locating methods into the field survey to better pinpoint horizontal locations and compare the field measurements with the existing mapping. 

Level A adds to the other methods by including the use of test holes or “potholing”, necessary for establishing line depths and vertical clearance between other utilities. 

The SUE investigation level is determined with the Client once the utility design need is established.  For example, a conceptual or planning need would likely use Level D, while detailed design of a new utility through highly congested reaches under roadways or easements would likely use Level A.

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